registration management

In most instances, a first impression is a lasting one-this is especially true in the conference business. PCM assures that our clients' registration procedures will run as smoothly and flawlessly as possible. We keep the lines of communication open from our conference managers to your office at all times, and we welcome your inquiries and questions. Whether assisting in creating a registration form or sending a last-minute report, PCM is there to serve your organization.

PCM will:

  •    • Implement an on-line conference-management information system for registration and fee       accounting
  •    • Accept advance registrations via mail, fax, e-mail, and Web, and process them within 24       hours of receipt
  •    • Mail or e-mail specialized registration confirmations
  •    • Provide a full-service customer 800 number and an e-mail address
  •    • Provide registration/demographic reports
  •    • Prepare badges with bar codes for exhibitor lead retrieval
  •    • Prepare special-event tickets
  •    • Supervise on-site registration and preparation of registration materials