PCM's mission is to deliver innovative solutions and superior service to our clients and to coordinate any or all components of a conference/trade show with total commitment and personal attention, while tailoring our services to meet each client's specific needs. PCM is focused on delivering the best ROI for our clients, so we are always cognizant of the bottom line. PCM team members strive relentlessly to be the most market-knowledgeable, innovative, customer-centric providers of event and conference solutions, creating and delivering products and services that will improve the professional lives and business performance of our customers on a daily basis.

PCM Core Business Principles

1. Total Commitment
PCM is totally dedicated to our clients' needs. We do whatever it takes to get the job done, and we pay attention to the smallest of details. We always have time for our clients, whether to meet them in person or to be immediately available by phone for one-on-one calls or conference calls, or by email on an almost 24-hour basis. We view ourselves as an extension of your organization, and take as much pride in our work for you as your own staff would.

2. Personal Attention
There is quite a difference between hiring (partnering with) PCM and a large conference-management firm. Working with PCM, you will never suffer the experience of being bounced from one contact to another, from this voice-mail box to the next one. With PCM, you will have one main contact to whom you can direct all questions, comments, and/or concerns and who will respond promptly. PCM has very low employee turnover in an age when most employees relentlessly move from one job to another. This ensures continuity in your relationship with PCM that is rare to find elsewhere.

3. Concerned with the Bottom Line
We know that one of the main concerns of a conference or tradeshow is the bottom line. Every PCM staff member is cost-conscious. We also realize that if your attendees and exhibitors are satisfied, they will return year after year to support your event.

4. Keeping Abreast of the Latest Trends
Technology is constantly changing, and our meeting team members keep up with the latest trends so that all of our conference-management procedures are current.

5. Open to Suggestions
Although we consider ourselves an extension of your organization, we never forget that you are the client. While we hope that you will rely on our expertise, we are always open to suggestions. Because there is always room for improvement, we welcome your comments and critiques and strongly encourage post-conference review meetings.