sales and management of
exhibits and sponsorships

For more than 35 years PCM has been providing management services to conference exhibitions ranging in size from a few tabletops to over 500 booths. We develop, implement, and manage exhibit and sponsorship programs that maximize your revenue and increase membership. Our service includes pre-show planning, exhibit floor design, layout and management, booth pricing, and sponsorship-package consultation and development.

PCM will:

   • Sell sponsorships and exhibitor booth space
Secure available exhibit space and design floor-plans
   • Prepare and execute exhibitor contracts; contract with decorating/drayage firms
   • Provide extensive customer service, assistance to exhibitors, and on-site exhibition
   • Create effective and targeted sales campaigns that maximizes revenue
   • Handle database development, including list research and maintenance
   • Manage overall relationships with sponsors and exhibitors
   • Prepare onsite space selection for your next event
   • Implement a proactive collections process
   • Provide floor-plan maintenance
   • Develop sales strategies and assist with strategic and tactical planning