post-conference follow-up

Just because the meeting is over doesn't mean that the work is finished. We are pleased to work with you to compile informative, post-conference demographic reports. We can provide a complete, audited final financial report no later than three months after the conclusion of the conference. We can also ensure that records and databases are completed and updated in preparation for the next year's event. Of course, no meeting ever functions flawlessly, and we strongly encourage a post-conference meeting to discuss possible improvements.

Deciding to out-source your exhibition or conference is an important decision for any association, government agency, or corporation. Lack of adequate staffing levels, the need for focused expertise, resource allocation challenges, or the desire for creativity and objectivity often serve as triggers for considering a dedicated conference management firm such as PCM.

Out-sourcing a project is a proven and viable solution to help organizations reduce costs, improve efficiencies, decrease cycle times, and support strategic initiatives.

PCM can present a viable solution as your partner. We will suggest a wide range of options to support your objectives. We leverage our expertise and resources on your behalf for a customized, high-quality and cost-effective solution that produces results.